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What’s the difference between a Framework and a Child Theme?

A website framework (ours is called Genesis) is a powerful type of WordPress theme — a “supertheme,” if you will. A child theme sits on top of that framework and handles all the design and layout aspects of your website.

In talking about all this, it helps to think of your website as a car.

WordPress acts as the engine of your car.

Genesis (the framework) is the frame and body of the car, and is the basic design, security, and SEO foundation of your website. In handling all the core code, Genesis also helps to “future-proof” your site, so all your customizations won’t disappear when it comes time for your one-click software upgrades.

Lastly, a child theme is the pure design element that rests on top of your framework — the cherry red paint job on that car. Or blue. Or black. Pink. Green. You get the idea, whatever works for you …

For a very clear picture of how all this works, check out StudioPress 101.

Exactly what do I get when I buy Genesis and/or a child theme?

You get your own account at, which houses all of the themes you have access to. You can log in to your account at any time and download your theme(s) on demand. You also get access to all of our tutorials, and you can receive one-on-one customer support by filing a ticket with our renowned Support team. (Here is a breakdown of the support you will, and will not, receive with StudioPress.)


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